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Centrum IT Park Co-operative Premises Society Ltd,
Unit No. 807, 808 & 809,
Opp TMC Office, 
Near Satkar Grande Hotel,
Wagle Estate,
Thane (West)– 400604,
Maharashtra, INDIA.
Mumbai – 400 022
Phone: +91-22-62550400-401

The CSR vision of the Company is to build relationships of trust with local communities, society and stakeholders as good corporate citizens and to contribute for development of society and for upliftment of unprivileged.

We, at SEMHL believe in Four core essentials of Corporate Social Responsibilities – sustainability of environment, ethical functioning, charitable support and care for stakeholders. We focus on charitable support. Our governance systems are underpinned by Ethics, Transparency and Accountability and non-indulgence in any unfair practices. The Company has a long history of supporting charity to welfare center and education trusts etc voluntarily even before the CSR provisions were implemented. We also provide a workplace to its employees that are safe, hygienic and humane with access to training and development of skills. We believe in being responsive towards all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, society at large etc. and cater to create value for all of them. The CSR Policy of the company is formulated in alignment with the vision of the company, which lays down guidelines and mechanisms to be adopted by the company in order to carry out CSR Projects/Programs.
The CSR Policy focuses on promoting education, eradicating hunger, improving health &wellbeing of socially deprived people, enhancing livelihoods, setting up old age homes, such other facilities for senior citizens and reducing inequalities.

Company is keen in spending its CSR obligation fund in align with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and its CSR policy through maintaining old age homes under care for elderly citizens program, providing scholarships for poor and deserving students by way of funding their educational needs under support education program. Apart from that Company also actively engages itself into grocery distribution programs as a measure to eradicate hunger under poverty relief program. These projects are undertaken by company through its CSR Registered Trust Shrimati Parvatiben Mavji Shethia Charitable Trust (CSR Registration No. CSR00009644) which pools the fund and works in association with other trust such as Shreerang Anand Ashram, Hari Om Rahat Kendra, Seva Sahayog Foundation etc so as to reach the needy at ground level.

Apart from above programs company also gives medical relief to poor by making donation for their treatment in their medical needs, company also makes donations in Chief Minister Disaster relief fund, Tetavali Sarvodaywadi Nal Pani Yojana, Aadi Ghatkarna Charitable Trust, Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan etc.

Work undertaken during COVID-19 pandemic
During the pandemic through Shrimati Parvatiben Mavji Shethia Charitable Trust Company delivered kits containing one month's food ration to the needy families to ensure access to a well-balanced meal. Company conducted various programs for its employees making awareness on importance of mental health. No salary deductions were done for any of the employees of the organization during the covid-19 pandemic irrespective of whether the sites were in operation or not whereas the other competitors had enforced salary cut measure. Company cared for every stakeholders and their families during these hard times instead of incurring losses.

Summary of CSR Expenses:
Details of amount spent under CSR Scheme are provided below:

Financial Year Average Net Profit for 3 FY Amount required to be spent Actual Amount Spent Amount left unspent/(Overspent)
2014-15 2,72,03,321 5,44,066 - -
2015-16 (71,38,111) - 26,58,000 (26,58,000)
2016-17 15,64,39,818 31,28,796 73,42,000 (42,13,204)
2017-18 39,80,05,502 79,60,110 54,66,500 24,93,610
2018-19 49,06,26,906 98,12,538 45,35,000 52,77,538
2019-20 40,97,48,306 81,94,966 33,94,780 48,00,186
2020-21 21,04,58,050 42,09,161 15,30,490 26,78,671
Parked in unspent CSR account and whole amount spent on ongoing CSR activities during succeeding FY
2021-22 5,26,70,433 N.A. 13,76,000 (13,76,000)
2022-23 2,76,72,039 5,53,441 2,35,000 + availed set off of last year 3,22,591 (4,151)
2023-24 10,34,51,074 20,69,021 Ongoing Ongoing

The amount pertaining to Financial Year 2020-21 remaining unspent was pertaining to ongoing CSR projects/programs which was duly transferred into a separate bank account maintained with Schedule Commercial Bank in compliance with The Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021 dated 22 nd January 2021 and the same shall be utilized within next 3 financial years. As the amendment to the CSR Rules is prospective in nature amount prior to FY 2020-21 was not provisioned towards any ongoing activities hence it is not liable to transfer such unspent amount into a separate bank account or government relief funds further company cannot take credit of excess CSR expenditure done in preceding financial years. The reasons for non-spending CSR obligations prior to FY 2020-21 were replied in the Board Reports for respective financial years “on comply or explain basis”.